All you always wanted to know about Call my Agent!

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While Call My Agent! season 3 first episodes were broadcasted Wednesday November 14th, at the rate of two episodes a week, and whole season is visible online on many platforms such as Apple tv, we deliver you our stories about the most expected tv series since The Bureau has been released.

Before all, a summary, if you forgot what happened to Andréa, Mathias, Hicham, Camille and the other characters of the ASK agency:

The season 2 summary


We are used to series season coming one after another like winter comes after autumn. Yet, some series such as Games of Thrones or Call Your Agent!take more time to be released. We remind you the stories of the season 2.


The second season of this series loved by French spectators started with the secret linking Mathias—Thibault de Montalembert, unofficial head of the agency, and Camille—Fanny Sidney—his hidden daughter. Since Episode 4, under the threat of the colleagues suspicions he revels them the content of the lie.


At the same time, Sofia—Stéfi Celma—the bubbly receptionist who dreams of becoming actress—and Gabriel—Grégory Montel—are at the edge of breaking up while the agent tried to sabotage the Julien Doré erotic movie for which she has been hired.


Birth side, Andréa—Camille Cottin—is in a relationship with Colette—Ophélia Kolb—being at the same time pregnant of Hicham—Assaâd Bouab, the new controlling shareholder of the agency. And if it was not enough, Andréa received a major proposition from a new-york agency and tries to take Camille, the promising assistant, with her.


Treason side, Mathias attempts to reconcile with his wife while Noémie—his devoting assistant—sheets are still warm and soaked within its smell.


You can watch the whole episodes of season two here or on Netflix.

French TV series in the modernity era


The series relies on its specialized scenarists’ team led by Fanny Herrero, the creator of the show, supervising like Eric Rochant supervises The Bureau.


Scenarists, like in US series, took the power.


The series, like Entourage, relies on the public curiosity for the background of cinema industry. On one side, the raise of an actor, on the other the daily life of an artistic agency.

Dix pour cent France 2 Monica Bellucci


The presence of French popular actors strengthen the curiosity of the spectators and the ambiguity of the scene, like the misunderstanding on Julie Gayet’s partner in the season 1. But some very French references can be misunderstood by foreign public so the presence of Jean Dujardin andMonica Bellucci in the season 3 supports visibility and interest for the series outside France.


Season four, that should be the last, will not be supervised by the creator of the series, she will let the two scenarists of Les Grands take over.

Dix pour cent France 2 Jean Dujardin

TV takes power


Since 2007 Dominique Besnehard, at the time artistic agent at the Artmedia agency, proposed the idea of this series but Canal+ preferredPlatane.

One of the difficulties was that producers could not convince major movie actors to act in a tv series. Even though it was produced and partially directed by Cedric Klapisch, written by Fanny Herrero and inspired by Dominique Besnehard. But the increasing success of series produced for tv and watched on all sizes of screen changed the game. The public perceives more and more those creations as qualitative as cinema and it is now a step to grow for actors. Today, movie stars claim they want to be a guest in an episode of this France télévisions fiction. Let’s have in mind that Isabelle Huppert is a guest in season 3.

Secrets revealed


Either faking IMDB grades or making look better Wikipédia articles on actors, those confidences give a real trueness to the episodes and satisfy the voyeurism need of the spectator. So much that everybody knows it! Journalists can stop to complain about movies they could not see before the release, favoring public instead of professionals.


Dix pour cent France 2 Cécile de France



Banality of both cosmetic surgery—Cécile de France in the season 1—and taxes negotiations for actors can be tagged of populism but they remain true. Celebrity makes people more attractive and rich.



Camille Cottin: Andréa Martel

Liliane Rovère: Arlette Azémar

Thibault de Montalembert: Mathias Barneville

Grégory Montel: Gabriel Sarda

Stéfi Celma: Sofia Leprince

Fanny Sidney: Camille Valentini

Nicolas Maury: Hervé André-Jezak

Laure Calamy: Noémie Leclerc

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