All you always wanted to know about The Bureau

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While The Bureau season 4 first episodes were broadcasted Monday October 22th, at the rate of two episodes a week, and whole season is visible online if you subscribed canal plus, we deliver you our stories.

Before all, a summary, if you forgot what happened to Malotru—the main character played by Mathieu Kassovitz—in video:

Identical and precise places


siege dgse-boulevard-mortier paris bureau des légendes eric rochant mathieu kassovitz


The external inserts are those of the DGSE—French secret service—headquarters boulevard Mortier in the 20thParisian district. The Agency sponsors the serie and authorized both those external shots and the Set Designer to visit the offices and war rooms.

bureau-des-legendes salle de crise eric rochant mathieu kassovitz



Those details give the serie its visual credibility. Rumor is that agents working on this site are all watching the Bureau and surprised by the exactitude of agent’s daily life. In exception of their work, much more static, mainly behind a computer screen, comparing datas. A great way for the secret service to rebuilt his image.

Hot topics of intelligence


Another factor of credibility, one of the major interests is that it reproduces the major economical and geopolitical issues of the time. The return of Russia at the center of the international political game—particularly in Syria but not only, the repatriation of French jihadists and their relatives in the French territory are the burning issues. Cyber war as for her represents the present fight for the future domination.

Topics not often addressed by journals or magazines, even less treated by fictions either tv series of cinema films.

Special writing and producing methods


cité cinéma saint denis



Major innovation in the French tv and cinema landscape : writing and directing take place at the same site, the Cité du Cinéma supported by Luc Besson in Saint-Denis. DGSE Offices, meetings and war rooms are reproduced exactly on the set helping writers and actors to visualize.


coulisses Bureau légendes Mathieu Kassovitz Eric Rochant

This is also a facilitator in Eric Rochant’s work—the creator of The Bureau—because he can go from writing room to the set in a minute and thus focus on details.

Regarding writing he gives major lines of the season, supervised by Camille de Castelnau, his right arm, that conducts the writing team composed of 4 senior scenarists and 4 junior scenarists. First ones write episodes, second ones parts of scenes.

During footage of the season they can be requested to rewrite a scene or a detail if necessary while they are already writing the next season, what ensures a total script coherence.

The new character of JJA


The JJA character played by Mathieu Amalric, is directly inspired by James Jesus Angleton, former CIA agent in charge of hunting double agents. He became totally paranoiac before he was discarded. We feel immediately repulsion for him. We hate him because he points our the disfunctions of the Bureau, undeniable, and the poisonous role of Malotru, undeniable too. The genious of season 4 writers is here, we despise him because we feel he is about to harm the characters we are so attached to.


“Mathieu Amalric succeed in bringing the character finesse and strength”, Eric Rochant.


As it is underlined by Eric Rochant himself, the subtle and powerful interpretation of Mathieu Amalric only reinforce the attraction for this character. JJA cracks with hability the family atmosphere of the team and even the trust between some of them, such as between Marie-Jeanne—Florence Loiret-Caille—and Sisteron—Jonathan Zaccaï.


JJA feels the officers are not as transparent as the glasses of their offices in which they work and figure that factual information should be transmitted without emotions. Any lie—or omission—put seriously in danger the assignments of the bureau.

As Sylvain—Jules Sagot—says in a scene of the season 4 : “Every mistake is always a human mistake”.



Mathieu Kassovitz as Guillaume Debailly, codename “Malotru” (Lout). After six years undercover in DamascusSyria, he returns to Paris but finds it difficult to re-adapt to a more normal life. When he learns that Nadia El Mansour, his lover in Damascus, is in Paris, he breaks the rules and renews their affair, returning to his false identity as Paul Lefebvre.

Sara Giraudeau as Marina Loiseau, codename “Phénomène” (Phenomenon), a young and brilliant seismologist who has been casted to become the next deep-cover agent. She is under intense training to prepare an infiltration of the Iranian nuclear industry.

Jean-Pierre Darroussin as Henri Duflot, Director of the Service of Clandestines, a unit within the DGSE also known as the Bureau of Legends.

Léa Drucker as Dr Laurène Balmes, a new recruit as a psychiatrist specialised in behavioural psychology. She assists the agents in manipulating their targets, but is also working as a double agent for the CIA.

Zineb Triki as Nadia El Mansour, a Syrian professor of history and Debailly’s lover from Damascus. Their relationship and her role in seeking to resolve the Syrian conflict form the crux of the first season.

Gilles Cohen as Colonel Marc Lauré, codename “MAG” (acronym standing for “Moule à gaufres” or Waffle iron), Director of Intelligence and Henri Duflot’s boss.

Florence Loiret-Caille as Marie-Jeanne Duthilleul, Debailly’s handler, who becomes Loiseau’s handler after Debailly’s return from Syria. During season 3, she succeeds Henri Dulflot as head of the Bureau.

Jonathan Zaccaï as Raymond Sisteron, a colleague of Debailly.

Pauline Étienne as Céline Delorme, a regional expert on the Middle East and North Africa.

Jules Sagot as Simon Ellenstein, a DGSE agent specialised in electronic surveillance.

Mathieu Demy as Clément Migaud, head of the Iran service.

Alexandre Brasseur and Michaël Abiteboul as Pépé and Mémé (grandpa and grandma), two DGSE agents in charge of operational support (tailing, escort, logistics, intimidation).

Patrick Ligardes as Marcel Gaingouin, Director of Operations of the DGSE.

Stefan Godin as Pierre de Lattre de Tassigny, Director General of the DGSE.

Alba Gaïa Bellugi as Prune Debailly, the daughter of Guillaume Debailly.

Elodie Navarre as Emilie Duflot, the wife of Henri Duflot.

Artus as Jonas Maury

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