Black Taurillon


Removable buckle, 5 adjustment positions.

  • Description

    Product Description

    Leather belt, red vegetal leather lining.

    Comes with two removable buckles: one nickel color and one black color

    If out of stock, made to order: 2 weeks approximately

  • Additional information

    Additional information

    Price range

    100-290 €

    Type of leather

    Full-Grain leather


    100, 105, 85, 95



  • Entretien & tailles

    Entretien & tailles

    When cleaning the leather use a cotton ball, and clean the leather without rubbing it. Proceed by circular gestures, never insisting too much.Clean the leather with a cotton ball impregnated with water and a little soap of Marseille, well wringed. Change the cotton as soon as it is dirty. Then pass a cotton slightly moistened with water then dry with a soft cloth. Wet cotton rinsing is a must, otherwise the soap may damage the leather.You can also clean the leather with a cotton ball impregnated with a moisturizing cream (Saphir cream).Allow the leather to dry for at least two hours, then gloss, with circular gestures, with a soft cloth. Never scrub a spot on the leather too hard. Instead, remove the stain by dabbing. Always clean well beyond the stain or fully product by insisting on the stain. Before cleaning the leather, test the stain remover with a cotton swab on a hidden corner, for example inside the bag. If the color of the leather is found on the cotton or if the leather changes its appearance, change the cleanser.

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