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The exceptional nature of a product does not lie in the size of a logo or a brand name.

This is the idea behind Anonyme-Paris.


The hallmarks of our designs are geometric lines, a minimalist aesthetic and subtle touches of red. These discreet codes favour style rather than a trend.


Our fine leather goods are manufactured in France in our Reims workshop. Headed by a Compagnon du Devoir skilled artisan, our teams have been working there for thirty years to transform the finest materials into exceptional pieces, strictly in line with the tradition of French craftsmanship excellence.


Our desire to work with exceptional craftsmen all over France, as close as possible to the historic cradles of each of the manufacturing industries concerned by our products, also imposes threshold in terms of production.The craftsmanship of excellence requires important manufacturing time and emphasizes quality of execution, which is our priority.


We are proud to provide this expertise to leading houses in the luxury world, who have entrusted us with crafting their designs and special orders for over thirty years.

"Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind." - Johannes Brahms

" The address that the finest lovers of leather goods whisper discreetly " (ELLE)

" The philosophy of Anonyme-Paris recalls Margiela who expressed himself only through his creations." (L'EXPRESS)

"The new generation of French chic and elegance and " ( A NOUS PARIS)

"The alliance of craftsmanship, a refined sense of style and the finest materials" (SUPERFUTURE)

"Everything is beautiful, masculine and useful" (GQ)

"Anonyme-Paris is already imposed as the indispensable accessories brand for the chic and contemporary man" (LE FIGARO MAGAZINE)

Made in France

Each Anonyme Paris product is a piece of France and its craft and industrial excellence. Each piece is manufactured in France with a totally transparent process.

Le fondateur

Over the past ten years ******** has perfected his expertise. After a few years managing production for the likes of John Galliano at Christian Dior, his large panel of skills led him to orchestrate the production management of nowned French accessory labels.

In 2014, the enfant terrible took his own path by launching a luxury accessory brand under the name Anonyme-Paris.