Why you should not miss the Tadao Ando exhibition at the Centre Georges Pompidou

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We already told you about Tadao Andō, when we presented you the museum-island of Naoshima, and its importance in the success of this ambitious project. For sure, the arrival of the Pinaultcollection in Paris in the delivered jewel by the Japanese architect will shake both art and architecture worlds.

The presence of an Andō building in Paris will be another attraction factor, we tell you why he is so special.

Because he is an example of autodidact man


“I produce my architecture by asking how I can design things that will remain engraved on the human soul for all eternity”, Tadao Andō.


Born in 1941, on his own most of the day, educated by absent parents, Andō discovers matter and volumes by wandering around in the artisanal shops of its neighborhood. He becomes boxer at 17 and his successes will allow him to finance journeys across US and Europe, then Africa, to discover the main ways to build. Back to Japan, he chose to learn architecture by himself with books borrowed at booksellers.


“Housing? But that’s not architecture.”


Azuma House inside Tadao Andō





At the time, in Japan, architecture was dedicated to public buildings or museums. He proved for the first time that neither size or building goal determine the quality of its construction. Only the fact that it receives men.

Because he puts the body at the center of architecture


residence rokko II Kobe Tadao Andō






Put the man back on the center of architecture, construction and plans of territories are nice principles, often difficult to put in practice. Solution Andō offers is to put the body back in the center of architecture. As an example, the Rokko residence in Kobe that allow all occupants to have a view in opposition to high buildings contructed in many littorals around the word, ruining the light and perspective for the rest of the inhabitants.





“…where light and shadow come in and the rain falls. All those little experiences to be had in this space are, for me, something special”, Tadao Andō.


tadao-ando church of light





When Mies van der Rohe, whose work he is very critical about, or event Le Corbusier, whose work he admires, used new materials to build bigger or to dominate spaces, Andō in the contrary searched for emotions and integration in the natural environment.






He uses the same modern construction methods such as reinforced concrete, but he puts humanity in it by sculpting it with shadows and light. He listens his spirituality, who tells him man his body his senses, must be at the heart of constructions, either minor or major.


Great is the living experience, great is the experience that repeats itself at different times of the day, at different seasons.

To enjoy better the Bourse de Commerce in Paris


Through the fifty major projects illustrated by 180 drawings and 70 original plans, show the architectural oeuvre and vision of the artist born in Osaka. All conditions are in place to better understand and appreciate the building he is about to give to Paris. And while waiting..







From October 10thto December 31th2018 – Galerie 3.







Open every day in exception of Tuesdays, from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.



Place Georges-Pompidou

75004 Paris

Tél: +33 (0) 1 44 78 12 33




Ticket online.


Entrance to Exhibition

Full rate: 14 €

Reduce rate: 11€

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